I was listening to a message from Joel Osteen earlier on “Restoration Mentality”. Seems like 2013 is the year of Restoration! My pastor gave a similar message for our New Year’s Eve service. A lot of you are due a payback and I believe everything you lost can be restored. There is no need to keep a good word to myself so, I wanted to encourage you and share my notes on this Restoration message. Payday is on its way!

Don’t dwell on regrets and things you should have done. Maybe, you are a good person….maybe you do good things and you abide in God, but you’ve dealt with unexpected shortcomings. God won’t just bring you out, but He’ll bring you out better than before. What does better mean? Better means GREATER  in EXCELLENCE, HIGHER in QUALITY, more USEFUL, more HIGHLY SKILLED, HEALTHIER than before! He’ll never bring you out the same. I promise you – God will increase, promote, improve and recover! His mercy is bigger than any mistake you could have made or any situation that you faced.

The enemy wants you to sit around and wallow in despair – Don’t feed into his lies. Mercy is about receiving what you don’t deserve, but God wants it for you! God will use your troubles. He’ll use your mistakes. He’ll use the person that did you wrong and He’ll use it all just for your promotion! You’ll be stronger, wiser, and healthier than before! He’ll take what was meant to harm you and use it for your advantage. Stop telling your friends things will never work out. Stop believing you’ll be stuck where you are. Stop thinking, well I’m just not qualified…I’ll never get that position. You were chosen before you even had a name. You were predestined. You were elected for such a time, as this! You should get that deep down in your spirit. Get excited about that!

Don’t talk yourself out of what God wants to do for you. It’s so easy to give up, easy to get discouraged, easy to walk around looking like somebody owes you something, or like your dog just died. Turn your mind off and receive what God wants to do for you!  Believe it when you can’t see it. Praise God when you feel like complaining. Believe it’s on the way even when everything around you says it’s not. Fill yourself with expectancy, fill yourself with the attitude of hope, fill yourself with anticipation of recovery, restoration, and revival!

It may not happen overnight, but the Lord says, in due season! In the meantime, He’s listening to what you’re saying. Are you still praying? Are you still thanking Him in advance? Are you still believing or are you still walking around with your head down? Are you still discouraged and settled with less? He wants you to pass the test. He wants more for you. Don’t give up…..don’t quit just yet! He will restore everything you lost. He’ll restore the time. He’ll restore the years that went by. He’ll restore relationships that were broken. He’s ready to bless you with favor, abundance, and goodness! Receive that today!

“For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD” Jeremiah 30:17

“I have seen his ways, but I will heal him; I will guide him and restore comfort to him” Isaiah 57:18


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