Drowned In God’s Presence

Ever been drowned, succumbed, or lost in the presence of God? What an amazing feeling!

I was just sitting here watching this video and suddenly felt the presence of God! And I’m telling you if you’ve ever experienced His presence – you know what I mean when I say He’ll just jack you up! You suddenly feel like a child – you become submissive, and you just obey and let him do His thing. Suddenly, the tears come down and you’re crying like a baby in awe of how marvelous and how precious He is. Maybe, you fall to your knees to bow before Him or suddenly, you have a dance in your step and feel the urge to just dance and move your feet in honor of Him. Maybe, you just lift your hands to praise His holy name! Maybe, you lift your voice and sing in the holy spirit. Whatever you do – nothing can explain how powerful and moving His presence is! It overtakes you and you become drowned and lost in his presence!

If you’ve never encountered Jesus…if you’ve never met Him – Allow yourself to lose your inhibitions…Allow yourself to be free and just welcome the Lord as you watch this video.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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