Gotta Believe In Me!

So, I received a new song to listen to yesterday and I could not wait to share it. I love sharing music that’s uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational. Even though, we speak different languages all over the world, music is the one thing that we can all understand. This young lady is beautiful and talented. The beauty and joy she has is heard in her music! I introduce to you, Ebony Archer and her single, “Gotta Believe in Me


Gotta Believe in Me” is a pop tune and an inspirational song to motivate listeners. She has a message to let everyone know that in order to reach their dreams, they must believe in themselves first in order to reach their dreams. It’s a is very upbeat and is a pop tune that will have everyone dancing to the beat. Listen to it Here!

Inspired by purpose, Ebony Archer sets to uplift every soul one music at a time with the release of her upcoming EP, The Breakthrough.

She is a former group member of the Walt Whitman and the Soul children of Chicago gospel group and now a solo art is  in the studios preparing for the release of her EP, The  Breakthrough. The Breakthrough is an upbeat and uplifting record that features the styles of Whitney Houston, Cece Winans and Aretha Franklin with a new generation approach.

When asked to speak about her upcoming EP, she goes on to say that – The Breakthrough EP will have 5 tracks on it. The title “The Breakthrough” has a double meaning. The first meaning is that I am breaking through the music industry with a new sound and a new genre, which is inspirational pop. The second meaning is that I faced a lot of tribulations in life, but with releasing this EP, each track shares a story of how I broke through the situation.”

This EP is very relatable, it tells a lot about the struggles we face and overcome everyday in life.
She also reveals that the main concept of the EP is to inspire people through her songs, by singing about what she went through and how she overcame those situations to let people know that they can do the same.

The Breakthrough EP is set for release mid-October, so be on the look out!

What Are Your Thoughts?

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