You Know My Darkest Secrets

You know my darkest secrets
You know my darkest fears
You know my weaknesses
You know my mistakes
You still love me
You still protect me
You still comfort me
You still forgive me
You never left me
You never walked away
You never abandoned me
You never turned Your face

In my frustration You understand and You listen
In my silence I draw close to You…nothing else is soothing
In my cold and bitter thoughts You wrap and shelter me with Your grace and beauty
Your kindness and mercy breathes life within me
Your glory is shown even when I stumble in darkness
Your mercy overflows and satisfies my emptiness

I’ll never be worthy
I’ll never fathom Your miracles and wonders
I’ll never understand Your unmerited love for me
I’ll never have enough gratitude
You’ll forever be my savior in wilderness
You’ll forever reign with splendor and glory
You’ll forever be King over all the earth
You’ll forever be seated high with majesty and power

© Andrea C. Harris. All rights reserved, September 12, 2013.


praise blue

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