Grow Up!


Paul assumes that we should grow up in our faith. Becoming a Christian by accepting God’s grace through faith is the beginning of lifelong growth in Christ, or at least that’s the way God has planned it. Unfortunately, many Christians have chosen the path, not of growth to maturity, but of Peter Pan Christianity: “I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, not me!” Perhaps we have been led to believe that being a Christian is mainly about going to heaven after we die, rather than living as citizens of God’s kingdom both now and forever. Perhaps we sense that we should be maturing as Christians, but aren’t quite sure how to do this. Or, maybe our lives are so busy we just don’t pay attention to our development as disciples.

No matter what slumbers might keep us from realizing that we should be growing as Christians, Ephesians 4:11-16 is a stirring wake up call. It says to each of us and to all of us together, “Grow up!”


Questions for Further Reflection:

To what extent do you think of the Christian life as an experience of growth? As you take a good look at yourself today, would you say that you are growing in Christ? Are you more of a Christian today than you were a year ago? Fiver years ago?


Gracious God, I need to hear the call of this passage today. Though I have been a Christian for a long time. I still need to grow up in you. Help us to understand what it means for us to grow up in faith. Show us how we might receive your grace and respond to it so that we are maturing as Christians. Amen!



Daily Reflections with  Mark D. Roberts

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