Verse of the Day!


God does know us. We cannot pretend we are something we are not with him. He knows us – inside and out, through and through. This should liberate us to share a remarkable degree of intimacy with him, but most of us run from such a close relationship with our Father. If our desire, however, is to become more like him, the only way to be transformed is by inviting him in to look at our hearts, our motivations, and our desires.

My Prayer…

O God, I know you are the one who “searches hearts and minds.” Yet because of the grace you demonstrated in Jesus, I am confident that you love me. My heart is sorry for the sin I have committed, but I am really trying to serve you in honor and purity. Please fill me with your Spirit to enable me to become more like Christ. In Jesus name I pray….Amen.

Provided by Heartlight. 3.7.14

One thought on “Verse of the Day!

  1. Yes….Know me O God and Try my heart! Set a watch before my mouth and keep the door of my lips. (Psalms 141:3)

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