Can I Take Your Hand?

I believe that God placed something deep within your belly…deep within your spirit that only you have the ability to grab hold of! It’s those moments of transition where you are confused…hurt…or alone that you must seek Him in order for your assignment to be revealed! Don’t give up on the promise He has for you! Out of all His creations, only you can fulfill the unique purpose that He placed over your life! Despite the transition, pain, and obstacle you face, you must realize that He has already triumphed in your situation. Sometimes, you have to face a crossroads and you must choose. Will you choose the path of fear, anger, guilt, or self-righteousness? It’s important for you to know that He will not give up on you.

Trust Him.

He wants to take you by the hand.

Follow Him.

He already knows the steps to take you down the path that he designed just for you!


“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

 John 10:27

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