Shoulder Bags, Handbags, and Duffel Bags

I thought He forgot about me when I needed Him. I told Him that I needed to hear from Him. I wanted to hear his voice to get instruction….to receive a word. Why was He being silent toward me? I was fasting. I was reading. I was praying. I sought Him, but I got nothing. Was it because I chose  to selfishly believe that I could take from Him when I wanted to take from Him? I believe it most certainly was. I wanted Him when I wanted Him. I wanted His time and forgot that He actually needed my time. I didn’t seek Him daily. I put other things before Him and I forgot He was standing there. He wanted to remind me that He never left. He was waiting for me to shut-up,  even when I didn’t speak. He was waiting for me to shut-off my own thoughts and humble myself. Weeks went by and it was then, in a very quiet hour that He spoke to me and I could hear Him clearly. I finally let go and dropped all my bags of distraction.

It’s hard to walk down a path with all your bags in your hands. Be honest with yourself and drop the bags of pride, the bags of distraction, the bags of egos. I don’t know how big your bags are, but your journey will be much easier once you drop your bags and obey. Sometimes we even carry hurt, frustration, doubt, and pain in our bags. Hand them over to God and He’ll carry them for you. He just wants you to walk with Him. He didn’t create your path so that you could carry distractions or walk with emotional sufferings tucked away in your bags.

Listen, don’t become so consumed with everything in your bags, holding on to your past, pleasing people, or simply pleasing yourself that you forget about Him. Yes, you’ve said a quick prayer last night or this morning, but was it enough? Are you giving Him what He desires? He wants your attention. He wants you to spend time with Him. He’s very jealous of the things you allowed to replace your time . What are the things in your bags that you let interfere in your relationship with God? What bags do you need Him to carry for you?

All He wants is you.

“He died for all people, so that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for the one who died and rose for them.”

II Cor. 5:15

What Are Your Thoughts?

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