Clinging to Hope

Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. – Proverbs 3:5

When I tell you that you don’t have to go through your situation alone some of you won’t believe me! However, some of you are begging to know how to turn your situation around. You’re dying to know how things will get better and at this point, you’re pretty much clinging on to the little ounce of hope that somehow has been deposited into your spirit. The ounce of hope that you had no idea was capable of springing forth and that, which God allowed to dwell within you all along! It’s that same ounce of hope that is strong enough to pull you through and take you from day-to-day, from trial-to-triumph, and glory-to-glory! Listen you are not alone! God hasn’t left you. He hasn’t abandoned you and He hasn’t walked away from you! He’s there…He’s standing there waiting for you to stop trying to figure it out! Maybe it’s time to stop your wheels from spinning and stop your thoughts from taking over and Trust God! He’ll put an end to those sleepless nights and allow anxiety to cease, but again some of you won’t believe me and some are clinging on to that small ounce of Hope! You’re exhausted…tired…and weary, but don’t give up, don’t quit and don’t stop hoping. It’s that ounce of hope that will help you overcome. The Lord wants to give you rest!

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